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Size 8 Blue Peruvian Opal Ring

Size 8 Blue Peruvian Opal Ring

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Blue Peruvian opal generates soft and calming energy to alleviate tension and create clarity of the mind. It eases communication and increases confidence. It also helps ideas to flow more freely. Blue Peruvian opal meaning depicts its potency to decrease the effect of stress on mind, spirit, and body. However you interpret it’s beauty and purpose I know you’ll love wearing it every day! 

This particular ring has some gorgeous blue linear veining in it. 

Size 8.25 with a 10 gauge half round band. 

As always this piece is made with all sterling silver .925 materials and fine silver .999 bezel. Each piece features my HG signature stamp and a .925 stamp for sterling silver authentication. Each piece is made by hand in my studio by my two hands alone. 


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