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Campitos Turquoise, CZ & Blue Sapphire Ring Size 7.25

Campitos Turquoise, CZ & Blue Sapphire Ring Size 7.25

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This ring features Campitos turquoise as the main stone with a little sparkly cubic zirconia set asymmetrically along with a third stone of faceted blue sapphire. The Turquoise is extra special because it has little nuggets of golden pyrite that occur naturally within the turquoise. This is a characteristic of Campitos turquoise. You could say that’s a fourth type of stone you’re getting with this ring!

This ring is handmade in my studio by my own two hands. All stones are natural and hand selected by me. All metals used are only .925 sterling silver with .999 fine silver bezels. My rings are stamped with my logo on the back along with a .925 sterling silver authentication stamp. 

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